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Why Good Players usually get ignored

Sep. 29, 2018 | 8:15:00

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Let’s face it. Being a good enough player to get places in hockey is difficult. Whether you are a forward, defenceman, or goaltender, there are so many aspects of your game that you need to continuously improve year after year. The most obvious of all is skating. In today’s hockey world, if you can’t skate, you are not going to get anywhere. Now if you have the skating, skill and hockey sense to make it to that next level, awesome. You have put the work in; whether it has been the hundreds of dents in the garage or the countless hour’s power skating, you are doing your part. So what has gone wrong? Is it the fact you are in a small town in the middle of your province that is hard to get to, or the fact that you are overrun by top 100 recruits in the city, whatever it is, Roster Point can help you get noticed.
Let me introduce my friend's website www.rosterpointhockey.com Roster Point is a hockey website for players to sign up, create profiles, and input personal information like age, height, weight, shot, etc. You can also input team information like your current level of hockey, what league you play in, your team, what line you play on, and average ice time. There are also options to upload statistics, videos, and pictures of themselves. So you might be asking, so what? Well, Roster Point delivers an interaction that is unique to the hockey world, and that is bringing the scout or general manager to a player via the virtual world. With our cutting-edge database, a scout can look at game film from their couch, while a general manager can quickly peruse stats from their office in the bowels of the arena. It is that simple, and Roster Point is your key to get access to the very teams you have always dreamed of playing for.
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Roster Point offers players two exclusive packages that will push their name to the front of the line and in front of hundreds, if not thousands of potential teams from across Canada and the United States. The regular package ensures a player receives a restricted number of social media posts that are featured for scouts, coaches, and managers in leagues all over North America to see. It also allows you to upload up to 10 photos to your profile and gives you further access to customise your profile to ensure scouts see the real player, rather than just the film. Finally, you will get two features in their Players Showcase Weekly Newsletter that gets delivered to thousands of coaches across North America.
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While the Ultimate Exposure Package gives you all the features of the regular package, plus so much more! For an annual price of $999.99, you get more social media posts that are boosted and targeted to a specific audience, namely coaches and scouts. You’ll get 25 featured Twitter updates, custom Youtube and Instagram videos, a full page feature in our E-magazine (which is rapidly gaining viewers from the right audience), and a special VIP Player Profile that is guaranteed to get you noticed before other users.
In today’s world, being great just isn’t enough anymore. There are too many great players in too many leagues for most players to properly stand out. Whether you’re in the small town or the big city, the proper exposure is essential to furthering your hockey career. A player profile with Roster Point is the best way to do just that.
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