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How to choose your Ice Hockey Skates

Oct. 8, 2018 | 15:20:00

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Usually, the Ice Hockey Skate's size is smaller than your normal shoe size.
As you've seen, the Ice Hockey Skate's blade is short and curved at both ends, that's easy for players to accelerate, emergency stop and quickly change directions. With hard shoe front in order to protect the player's foot from outside impact. High shoe waist in order to protect the player's ankle from ball hit, and also support the ankle when doing pressure steps and sharp turn during the games.
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When you buy a new pair of skates they come with a factory grind on the steel. It is recommended that you get them profiled before skating in them. On top of baking your skate, molding your skate, and doing everything you can to make your skate comfortable, skate blade profiling can greatly help your skating ability. There's lots of options out there, enough to make your head spin. You can have a forward lean, reverse lean, centered lean, what degree you want the blade to sit at, etc.
In this article, I help you to make sense of these options, and to figure out how to best profile your blade for your game.The most common profiles are 7 foot 9 foot 11 foot and 13 foot. Most players go with a 9 foot radius, but there are many options to consider.
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There's 7 suggestions for you when buying Ice Hockey Skates.
1. You need to select according to your playing level, the faster and stronger of opponents, the more intense of the game, the more hardness requirements of skates.
For adults, the size of skates are fixed, a pair of skates will be wear for long time, so you have to choose your own level of skates.
2. Don't buy discount skates when you see them, you can buy cheap skates but may not suitable for you. Be sure to go to a professional shop, let them help you to choose your own skates.
3. Don't buy the same size of skates with your regular shoes. You must try skates on your foot in local retail stores to find your size.
4. Wear sports socks when buying skates. Don't go barefoot or wear other socks, it is best choice to waer sports socks. Because the thickness of socks will also affect the fitness of ice skates and feet.
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5. The hardness of shoe waist is proportional to the price, but it's not the more expensive skates is more suitable for you. The intensity of the games and the shoe waist hardness is also proportional, so be sure to choose according to your requirements.
6. When you buy a new shoe, you can ask if the shop assistant can help with baking your skates, or you can find a professional hockey player to help with baking.
7. It is not recommended to thermoplastic of your skates, but new shoes are generally hard. If your feet can not fit with your shoes for a long time, the best way is to make a thermoplastic that will help you adapt with your new shoes more quickly.
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