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How to fold a hockey goal easily?

Nov. 3, 2018 | 9:49:00

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There are lots of hockey goals within our showroom, but many of them are detachable hockey goals, and not the folding hockey goal. Like our NHL size hockey goals, they all are welded goals for the professional hockey games. Please let me to introduce our folding hockey goal as belows.
Introduction of our Folding hockey goal
We manufacture folding hockey goal with 60" width and 72" of width. They are both red powder coating in-front and white-colored powder coating behind.
1. 60" hockey goal consists of 1.25" Powder coated steel frame with rigid construction.
2. 72" hockey goal consists of 2" Powder coated steel frame with rigid construction.
Durable polypropylene Ultra violet treated internet with nylon reinforced bottom skirt.
Folding and unfolding the hockey goal
We have two ways to fold the hockey goal as in the picture. It couldn't be any simpler to fold and unfold the goals. What you will do is take out the pins each and every corner, pull apart the middle piece, fold lower the top end and that's it!
china hockey goals supplier
Firstly you will snap the steel tubes with springs together. There aren't any tools needed, you simply push the tabs in, after which fit the posts together.
Quality of goal posts
The posts are all wigley wire around the back that you should thread the nets through. Some cheap nets don't make use of wigley wire so you just need to wrap the string round the posts, which looks terrible, as well as when the string breaks it's annoying, so it's nice our goal has got the wigley wire. Much of your shots will undoubtedly leave a scratch, however, you can dent all of them with a very hard shot.
Quality of hockey nets
The netting is 4mm of thickness, and 38mm of mesh size, while other nets are 40mm.The netting consists of polyester and pretty snug, so shots can recover out easily. Total the netting is ideal for children and grown ups, but postpone around the slapshots for those who have a cannon. In this situation, you will need our 6mm of thickness Professional Hockey Nets, resin coated and waterproof.
china hockey goals supplier
Folding Hockey Goal Set-up Instructions: Putting the frame together is simple and easy, but you'll have to "thread" the netting to the frame. therefore the top shelf and bottom frame collapse in order that it can store in additional of the flat position. This is ideal for storage. The snug internet causes it to be just a little hard to pull apart and set together, but it's manageable. This needs time to work. Overall the operation is simple though.
Because there are a number of questions asking about whether or not this will easily fit in a vehicle, it probably will not. Because it only folds up, the scale could be 72" wide by 48" high which makes it too big to slot in nearly all cars. Should easily fit in a van or Sports utility vehicle with little problem.
The posts are regulation width, although not as thick as professional National hockey league hockey goal.You'll place a couple of dents inside it utilizing a ice hockey puck, however it has not compare to affecting the structural integrity and will also take a number of shots in the same location to begin to result in problems. Overall the internet is excellent. It is ideal for personal or recreational use. It will dent with hard shots, however it stands up to numerous abuse. Overall the folding hockey goal is ideal for pond hockey if you need a good portable goal to take out for practice.
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