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How to make a Hockey Backstop - Hockey Target

Oct. 31, 2018 | 16:15:00

Hockey Backstop Definition: A polyester netting prevents your pucks from leaving the field of play.
As everybody know, usually we make the hockey backstop with pulled netting between the trees like the first picture, or netting around two poles like in the second picture, or use steel tubes construction connect with netting. That will somehow help you to improve your shot skills.
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But now we got better products available at Hockey Target, that you will buy them from hockey equipment local stores or supermarkets like Walmart.
The best training system of our hockey backstop will help hockey players level up their shot accuracy. And we have added the 4pcs of shooting targets on 4 coners of 72" hockey goal, saves a lot of puck chasing. The width of hockey backstop is 3 meters and will prevents your pucks from ending up in your neighbor's yard. Also the UV-protected netting with reinforced bottom skirt withstands the elements.
Our hockey backstop usually come up with 72" hockey goals, there are two kinds of backstops from our factory.
1. Hockey Backstop with Semi-circular netting.
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Size of Goal is 72" wide x 48" high x 34" deep, made of 2" x 1.0mm steel pipe.
And with 15000D polyester hockey net, thickness is 4mm, and mesh size is 38 x 38mm.
Also come up with a shooting target and 4pcs of coner catchers.
The total size of Backstop is 206H x 334L x 86Wcm, and packing size is 125 x 58 x 15cm.
You can place it in your garden or garage whenever you need hockey training.
2. Hockey Backstop with curved steel tubes on both sides.
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Goal size is the same 72" wide x 48" high x 34" deep, and with 15000D polyester hockey net.
Already has the holes on the side of the Goal for the bolts to hold it properly.
The total size of Backstop is 174H x 302L x 86Wcm, and packing size is 125 x 55 x 20cm.
No matter on the ice or any surface, it worked perfectly.
These two kinds of hockey backstop will help you a lot when you have time for practice ice hockey.
Hockey backstop assembly instructions is coming soon...
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