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NEW ARRIVAL 72 inches Championship Hockey Goal - Hockey Target

Oct. 25, 2018 | 14:59:00

The rumours are true, we’ve introduced a brand-new Ice hockey goal with shooting target to our products range and it’s quite possibly the best on the market…
We’re making sure it’s not just a training system in everyone’s sporting calendars but also will increase your shot accuracy with the introduction of our 72" Championship Hockey Goal.
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Reliable & Versatile
Now you can get your game on with our official sized, NHL standard Ice hockey goal. Perfect on any hockey clubs’ pitch, whether it’s for match play, tournaments or training, the 72" Championship Hockey Goal comes complete with a heavy duty 4mm polyester net made to absorb any well-placed shot.
For those shots that fall just wide of the net, coaches needn’t worry as the quality manufacturing with reinforced steel frames gives you a reliable hockey goal that can be used time and time again.
Easy & Efficient
Every part of the goal, from the frame and net right down to the fixtures, has been UV treated and is 100% weatherproof, so you can keep it up for 365 days of the year knowing you’ll be met with a top-quality finish whatever the weather. And if you do want to move it indoors or across pitches, the detachable parts of hockey goal make transporting it an effortless task, so it’s a win win!
Low Maintenance & Noise Absorbing
Unlike a lot of hockey goals out there, the 72" Championship Hockey Goal includes the 4 pieces of coner chatchers and shooting target, that will catch all of your shots.
If you are not satisfied with the 183cm of width, you can find wide range of Hockey Backstop which is 203cm of width right here.
So, there we have it, the newest arrival to the Hockey Target products range, the 72" Championship Hockey Goal! Starting at competative price for a single goal, you’ll struggle to find a better one on the market.
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